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Discover Lokma: Poland's Favorite Hand-Crafted Doughnuts!
Rooted in the rich traditions of Turkey and Greece, Lokma stands as one of history's oldest desserts. At Słodka Lokma, we've reimagined this timeless treat, filling our crispy dough balls with modern delights like chocolate praline and Bavarian cream, and topping them with exquisite ingredients ranging from honey to Belgian chocolate and pistachios.

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Expanding Our Sweet Success in Poland!
Poland's First Lokma Shop – A Testament to Our Legacy
In our unyielding journey of sharing the joy of Lokma, we proudly established Poland's very first Lokma Shop in Krakow. With the passionate embrace of our delightful offerings by the Polish community, our venture experienced an overwhelming success in a remarkably short time span.
Be a Part of Our Expansion Drive
We're on a mission to spread the sweetness of Lokma throughout Poland, with plans to establish Lokma shops in every city. We invite you to partner with us on this exciting expansion journey.
What You Get
Supa Coffee is an efficient brand based on a well-thought-out business model
Quality management and performance standards
  • Technological charts and recipes
  • Regular quality control
  • Feedback and reviews
  • A ready-made financial model
Management company support
  • Assistance in finding and opening locations
  • Training your staff
  • Legal assistance and technical support
  • The extensive knowledge base and ready-made guidelines
Marketing and design
  • National and local marketing
  • Loyalty program
  • Variety of menus and seasonal offers
  • Unified interior and corporate identity
Turnkey logistics
  • Logistics center managing your entire supply
  • In-house production of baked goods
  • Convenient ordering process
  • Database of trusted suppliers and contractors
Types of Lokma Shop Franchises
Several flexible Lokma Shop options depending on your goals and budget
Food Truck - Bistro
Investments starting from PLN 50,000

  • Mobile Lokma delight, serving fresh Lokma alongside popular accompaniments like coffee and baklava on-the-go.
  • Perfect for festivals, events, and high-footfall areas, capitalizing on impulse buys and outdoor vibes.
Investments starting from PLN 140,000

  • Area: 25 to 50 m2
  • Mini-concept centered on Lokma, supplemented with offerings like coffee, baklava, and ice cream.
  • Ideal for city center locations with a focus on takeaway services.
Investments starting from PLN 200,000

  • Area: 50+ m2
  • Cafe-style franchise combining Lokma, breakfast selections, and three additional virtual brands.
  • Unlock a potential online sales boost with an added 47,000PLN revenue channel.
Already have a coffee shop or a cafe? Re-brand it and work under the umbrella of Lokma Group brands
If you already have your own coffee shop, you'll only need to make a down payment of €7,000

Distinct Brands and Products Awaits : Your Choice, Your Experience.
For those opting for a cafe-style franchise! Enjoy a diverse menu selection courtesy of our established virtual brands
Poland's Exclusive Taste of the Aegean

Our flagship brand that brings the cherished baby donuts of Turkey and Greece to the heart of Poland. These bite-sized wonders, drenched in Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with a variety of toppings, embody centuries of dessert craftsmanship. As the singular Lokma shop in Poland, we take immense pride in offering an authentic and unmatched experience.
Awaken to a Bosphorus Breakfast

A Brand where the essence of classic Turkish fare intertwines with global gastronomic delights. Menu consists of old favorites like the spicy Menemen, flaky Börek, rich Sakşuka, and the iconic Simit but also ventures beyond borders, incorporating contemporary choices such as granola bowls, showcasing a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.
Finest Turkish Savories in Poland

Step into the world of Mr. Börek and savor our standout product: börek, a cherished Turkish pastry seldom found elsewhere in Poland. Crafted from thin, flaky dough and brimming with savory fillings, our börek is not just a dish, but a rare and authentic culinary journey awaiting discovery.
Ms. Simit
Reinventing Tradition with a Twist

Venture into the world of Ms. Simit, where the iconic Turkish bagel takes on a contemporary twist. While staying true to the crunchy exterior and soft interior that is the hallmark of a traditional simit, we elevate the experience by introducing a range of gourmet simit sandwiches.
Embark on Your Franchising Journey : A Step-by-Step Process for Opening up Your Own Lokma Shop
Initiate Your Request
Simply complete the form provided, and we'll promptly respond with more specifics about our enticing franchise opportunity.
Meet Our Visionaries
Engage in a comprehensive discussion with our President and dedicated franchise team. This is your moment to get all your queries addressed and to map out the potential pathway of our collaboration.
Formalize Our Partnership
Once aligned, we move on to formalizing our partnership by signing the Franchise Agreement. Upon completion, you'll gain exclusive access to our comprehensive Franchise Library and other pivotal resources to kickstart your journey.
Embark on the Location Hunt
The success of your Lokma Shop hinges significantly on its location. With our expertise, we'll guide you in assessing potential spots, ensuring you land the ideal venue for your inaugural shop.
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Słodka Lokma has been noted by select media publications for its unique and innovative approach to gastronomy.
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